Nearly all peppers can be grown in ground or in container gardens.  Typical spacing for plants is between 12 inch and 18 inches apart.   Peppers love lots of sun, heat, and better flavor is found when they can be grown a little on the 'dry' side.  All peppers listed below are no to low heat unless otherwise described.


Select Variety and Quantity.


Ausilio - Heirloom thin skinned italian frying pepper.  Moderate Heat.


Banana - Sweet wax pepper, everyone should be growing in their gardens!  60 days to maturity.  6 to 7 inch long fruits, great for stuffing or chopped in salads, pickled, etc.


Carmen - Italian bull's horn (Corno di Toro), named for its elongated shape.  Ripens a deep red with sweet flavor good for grilling, roasting, or eating fresh.


Corbaci - Unique and great flavor.  These peppers stand out in the garden with their long (up to 12 inches), skinny curved and twisted fruits.  Rare heirloom from Turkey, this one has been a CCR favorite for years.  Extremely productive.


Cubanelle - Sweet and mild with rich flavor, can have slight heat, great for frying or cooking.  Many cooks prefer to bells in spanish, italian, and cuban dishes.  Changes colors from green/yellow to orange to red and can be used at any time.  Some twisting and misformed fruits are likely - they still taste amazing!


Escamillo - F1 Corno di Toro (Bull's Horn) Italian frying pepper.  Golden yellow color is a fine counterpart to Carmen.    Sweet no matter how its prepared, but traditionally used for frying.


Glow - Lunchbox sized super sweet orange ripening fruits.  Medium sized plants that yield well, early, and easily. 


King Crimson - Early, prolific medium sized blocky bell peppers.  Uniform in size, ripens a deep red.


King of the North - Even earlier than King Crimson, these bell peppers yield well and thrives in cooler summers.


Poblano - One of the most popular chilis from Mexico.  Gentle heat (2000 scovilles).  Used green, roasted, or peeled.  Try your hand at chili rellenos (Farmer Kevin's favorite Mexican dish!).  Fully ripened, thin skinned, fruits can be dried and ground into red chili powder.


Sprinter Bell - Tall, vegetative bell pepper plant.  These will grow tall and keep producing all summer long.  Likes a bit more heat, traditionally grown inside of hoophouses.

Pepper Seedlings (Sweet)