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About Us

CCR Gardens is a small scale, family run market garden style farm.  We are Megan and Kevin, born and raised in the McKeesport area.  We've always had a garden as long as we've been together - it seems that we double our garden each and every year!  Along with our two sons, we are proud to bring a wonderful assortment of all natural fresh produce, honey, and other items to our community's residents.   It's special to say your produce was grown just miles from your home!   


Our core sales outlet is through our weekly CSA style 'veggie boxes', which are a healthy (in more ways than one!) portion of the seasonal produce that's available from the farm at that time of year.  Besides some staples, the mix always changes so you are guaranteed to have a nice variety of fresh veggies and fruits to use in your home cooked meals each week! 

We also hold pop up markets at the farm, and you can order from our Online Market to be able to pick up directly from the farm or at our next event!

Our farm is located in the Haler Heights area of McKeesport.  GPS address is 181 Marshall Drive.  Note that while the farm is there, our residence is not.  Please be  courteous to our neighbors.  If you have any trouble finding us you can reach out to us through email at, or via phone at 412-523-4209.


We also will be at various recurring events / markets and can do special orders for small restaurants/events. 

For more information, visit our CSA Page, the FAQ Page, or Contact us at!  

We hope to hear from you soon!

Merry Christmas to all our family and fr
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