About Us

CCR Gardens is a small scale, family run market garden.  Our aspiring farmers, Megan and Kevin  were born and raised in the McKeesport area.  Along with our two sons, we are looking to bring this community's residents a wonderful assortment of fresh produce, grown just miles from your home!   


We specialize in weekly CSA style 'veggie boxes', which are a healthy (in more ways than one!) portion of the seasonal produce that's available at the farm at that time of year.  Besides some staples, the mix always changes so you are  guaranteed to have a nice variety of fresh veggies and fruits to use in your home cooked meals each week! 


We also are available at the Renzie Farmers Market (every Saturday from 9AM to 1PM) and can do special orders for small restaurants/events. 


For more information, visit our CSA Page, the FAQ Page, or Contact us at ccrgardens@gmail.com!  

We hope to hear from you soon!

Merry Christmas to all our family and fr

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