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CSA / Veggie Box Information


What is A CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is a unique partnership of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members. In a traditional CSA, members pay for a full season's worth of 'shares' upfront to help cover initial farm costs and in turn receive a weekly share of the harvest during the growing season. 

We offer two great ways to be a part of the mutually beneficial 'sharing' of the farm - the Traditional CSA and the CSA Farmers Club Gift Cards.  Read more about them below, or check out our video explanation on Youtube:

1. Traditional CSA:

Our traditional CSA is for those who love to support the farm, love to 'cook with the seasons', and love a great variety of different vegetables and fruits each and every week.  We share our bounty with our CSA customers - each weekly "share" costs $20 and is one box/bag of fruits/vegetables that are selected by the farmers based on what is in season and available.   When we have a bumper crop, you reap the rewards with more produce (note this also goes the other way - CSA shares do not guarantee any one particular type, amount, or variety of produce.  We generally shoot for at least 7 different items worth at least $20 at market value).  You can purchase Full Season (20 weeks), Spring Season (10 weeks), or Summer Season (10 weeks) shares. 


In order to keep all this working smoothly, we do have two requirements on the traditional CSA:

1. So we can avoid wasted produce, we ask that you or a family member/friend show up each week to pick up your share.  If something comes up and you can't find someone to pick up your share in your place, we will gladly donate the box for you to one of the local shelters, churches, or other place of need.  With that said, if you know you'll be going on vacation in a few weeks, we can put your account on 'hold' if you give us a heads up in advance.

2. We are making a commitment to provide these fresh vegetables to you each and every week.  We appreciate your understanding that you are committing to the same by signing up for the CSA for the length of term selected.  

2. CSA Farmer's Club Market Card (Gift Card):

This is a great way to support the farm up front like with our traditional CSA, but you also get the flexibility of buying what you want, when you want.  You purchase a Market Card up front and use it like cash at the market.  


The CSA Farmer's Club Market Cards can be redeemed for any products at our Farmers Market stand, at any time.  We keep track of your market card's balance for you, so the only thing you have to worry about is what veggies and other goodies to pick!  


  • Support your local farm and be a part of the club, by providing the farmers with income upfront to help us pay for early season farm costs (seeds, soil, and such aint cheap!).

  • Flexibility at the market.  Want a big order of salad mix?  No problem!  Cant make it to market this week?  We'll see you next week!

  • Great for grocery budgeting - Don't need your wallet to buy veggies at the market.

  • Discounts are available on Market Cards above certain price points if purchased in advance.



  • The difference between the Farmer's Club and the Traditional CSA is that the Farmer's Club gets their produce on a first come, first serve basis at market prices; where the Traditional CSA receives a bounty of produce, hand packaged by the farm, and set aside for you to pick up during any market hour.  Traditional CSA shares also get more bang for their buck when the farm succeed - typically receiving a greater quantity of produce than what it would cost at market prices.

What can I expect to receive in a share box?

CSA is not like shopping at the grocery store.  You will be receiving whatever fruits and vegetables are in season, so you may have to wait a few weeks for that farm fresh ripe tomato (it'll be worth the wait, we promise!), or the spicy hot peppers.   You will get to try different produce that may be new to you, and you'll regain the sense of eating 'seasonally' - one of the things that our farmers have enjoyed the most out of their gardening adventures over the years.

Through membership in our CSA you will also have the opportunity to get to know and understand life on the farm as well as support our efforts to grow healthy, nutritious food in a sustainable way for years to come! 



Membership in our CSA represents a commitment of both the farmer and customer.  This commitment is important to the future of local, sustainable agriculture. As a CSA Member, you share the rewards in form of our produce harvest, but there are also risks that you will share with us, the Farmers.    


CCR Gardens assumes responsibility for providing each paying member with fresh produce, grown on our farm with non-chemical natural methods and materials for the number of weekly shares the member paid for. While produce quantity and type may vary week to week, we strive to provide produce amounts and quality that meets or exceeds the value of your membership payments.    


CSA Members assume the responsibility for pickup of their weekly shares.  If shares are not picked up the share will be forfeited.  We will do our best to donate it or put it to good use but you will not be entitled to a replacement share or refund.  


Pickup location is at Renzie Farmers Market Saturdays between 9am to 1pm.  Outside of the Renzie Market schedule, pickups are to be coordinated with the farm (typically can pickup at the farm entrance on Saturday mornings).

Typical Veggie Box Variety Photos (scroll) 

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