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Where can we get CCR Gardens produce?

Our primary method of providing fresh produce is through our Online Market, the CSA share subscription program, and via Farmers Markets.  We are at the Renzie Farmer's Market (Saturday's) and also will be holding "pop-up" sales at various locations.  The best way to stay tuned to where we will be is to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  

How do I sign up for the CSA ?

See our CSA Page or Buy Here You can also get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, or email at  Please indicate whether you'd like to sign up for Farmers Club, Traditional CSA, or if you'd like to just be added to the "e-blast list", where we send periodic updates on the farm and our available products.

How much do the CSA shares cost and what do I get?

Each share box costs $20, and contains anywhere from 6 to 10 (or more) different items depending on what is in season.  A share box is generally suited for a 'typical' family of four to use in a week's time for fresh meals.  Families that eat a LOT of vegetables may find that the share box does not last the entire week.  If this is you, we recommend picking up a couple of extra food items that you like from our farmers market to get you through the week!

What comes in a typical Share?

The typical share consists of a variety of produce generally valued at $20 or greater.  The fruits and vegetables you receive will be based on what is in season.  You'll generally receive a variety of 6 to 10 (or more) different items.

Do you offer delivery services?

For people who cannot pick up their veggie boxes, we can deliver to certain areas for a small fee.  We ask that you let us know well ahead of time if delivery is requested.  We may require the delivery to be during a certain day and time based on when harvests are being scheduled.

What if I want to order specific items?

If the idea of a weekly variety of produce doesnt fancy you, and you'd rather just buy specific items, we'd recommend checking out the Online Market, or coming to visit us at the Farmers Market or wherever we are popped up at for that week!  For larger order or restaurant inquirers please contact us to discuss wholesale options.

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