Variety varies - for strawberries all season order one of each!  


Evie 2 - Easy-to-grow ever bearing strawberry plant, produces over the whole season.


Earliglow: Early variety. Earliglow sets the standard for traditional strawberry taste. It is the max for fresh out of the garden eating, jams and freezing. So sweet no sugar is needed. For years Earliglow has been one of the biggest sellers in the Eastern U.S. for gardeners and smaller commercial growers. It is the earliest fruiting variety available. The first and second pickings are nice sized berries for eating out of hand and the later pickings are fantastic for jams and freezing. 

Honeoye: This berry is a large fruit with a beautiful red color. It is firm, red clear through and is great for pies. A good fresh shipper and very winter hardy. Currently, the most popular PYO variety in the Midwest and Northeast. It's the leading producer in holding its size during the long harvest season. The Honeoye is best flavored when allowed to grow in lighter soils. Due to flavor considerations and lack of disease resistance, it is best to keep this variety on lighter soils or on raised beds.

Jewel: Of the varieties in today's Strawberry Industry, Jewel appears to be the BEST ALL AROUND variety. Good for u-pick, fresh shipping and longer season yields. Produces large, firm, wedge-shaped fruit of excellent color and quality, Its firmness and abrasive resistant skin makes it less susceptible to fruit rots and ideal for shipping. This berry is a must for all serious growers. 

Ac Valley Sunset: A new variety from Nova Scotia that ripens after Jewel, has large fruit, very good flavor, good yields compared to other late season varieties and foliage resistance to most disease. The fruit is best suited for local fresh market because of its softer skin. 

Strawberry Plant