Select your varieties and quantity.


Atomic Grape - Indeterminate but smaller plant growth.  Great tasting, out of this world looking beautiful plum tomato. 


Baby Boomer - Determinate classic cherry, great for patios and container gardening.


Black Cherry - Indeterminate Heirloom.  Our favorite producing cherry tomato.  Plants sprawl and produce prolificly- make sure you have room for this one!


Black Vernissage - Indeterminate.  2 to 3 oz saledette variety - great eaten fresh or in salads. Rich flavor.


Blush - Indeterminate plants produce 2 1/2 inch long, 1 inch wide tomatoes with golden orange ruby streaks.  Large enough to slice but small enough for snacking.


Bumblebee - Indeterminate Open Pollinated.  Striped 2 oz sized cherry.  Colors vary from eye catching orange to yellow to deep purple with green streaks.

Pink Ping Pong - Open Pollinated Indeterminate - High yielding amazing tasting ping pong sized fruits.  Matures pink like its name.


Sungold - A classic F1 Indeterminate.  The sweetest cherry tomato you will find.  Bright tangerine orange smaller cherry. 


Yellow Pear - Heirloom Indeterminate.   Shape and Color as the name goes.  Mild flavor.




Tomato Seedlings (Cherry)