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Baby Boomer - Determinate Open Pollinated.  Classic cherry, great for patios and container gardening.


Black Cherry - Indeterminate Heirloom.  Our favorite producing cherry tomato.  Plants sprawl and produce prolificly- make sure you have room for this one!


Black Vernissage - Indeterminate Open Pollinated.  2 to 3 oz saledette variety - great eaten fresh or in salads. Rich flavor.


Blush - Indeterminate Open Pollinated.  Plants produce 2 1/2 inch long, 1 inch wide tomatoes with golden orange ruby streaks.  Large enough to slice but small enough for snacking.


Bumblebee - Indeterminate Open Pollinated.  Striped 2 oz sized cherry.  Colors vary from eye catching orange to yellow to deep purple with green streaks.


Clementine - Indeterminate F1 Hybrid.  Tangerine colored, oval round fruits.  High yielding with sweet, tart appealing flavor.  Great cut and roasted!

Edox - Indeterminate F1 Hybrid.  Very early trussing cherry (think tomatoes on the vine).  Rich, sweet flavor.  High resistance to 


Five Star Grape - Indeterminate F1 Hybrid.  Our sweetest grape tomato.  Excellent flavor and firm meaty texture.  Minimal seeds and little juice.  


Juliet - Indeterminate F1 Hybrid.  A classic variety with one of the best disease resistance traits.  Rich tomato flavor great for salads, salsa, and fresh sauce.  AAS Winner.


Matt's Wild Cherry - Indeterminate Heirloom.  Small cherry tomatoes with deep red, tender full flavor with high sugar content.  Higher flavor but not as productive.

Pink Ping Pong - Open Pollinated Indeterminate - High yielding amazing tasting ping pong sized fruits.  Matures pink like its name.


Red Pearl - Indeterminate F1 - Tender and nearly seedless, intermediate blight resistance.  Medium sized saladette shaped tomato that resists cracking and stores well off the vine.  Tall healthy plants.


Sakura - Interdeterminate F1.  Very sweet tomato flavor and firm without being hard.  Early to ripen, and keeps going all season long due to good disease resistance.  Compact plant but indeterminate nature is great for fitting in to a smaller garden nook.


Sungold - A classic F1 Indeterminate.  The sweetest cherry tomato you will find.  Bright tangerine orange smaller cherry.   You cant eat just one of these! And with its productivity, you wont have to!  Our most popular cherry tomato for good reason.  They do have a tendancy to split easily so harvest as many as you can before a rain.


Super Sweet 100 - Indeterminate F1 - Classic red cherry tomato.  Reliable grower with prolific yield in large attractive  clusters.  



Tomato Seedlings (Cherry)