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If space is limited or you are a  container grower, these are the varieties you want!


Baby Boomer (Principe Borghese) - Heirloom Determinate.  Italian salad and sun drying tomato.  1 to 2 oz grape shaped, very dry and have few seeds.  Rich tomato taste, wonderful for sauces.  Plants are compact.

Classic Beefsteak - Heirloom Determinate.  Your grandfathers beefsteak!  Fruits can reach 2 lbs.  Deep red flesh and old fashioned tomato flavor.  Perfect on sandwiches or served with a sprinkle of salt.  Very good producer in the northeast.


BHN-589 - Determinate F1 - Dont let the name scare you - these tomato plants will really pump out fruits!  Great combination of quality, flavor, and enduring yield.  great for compact gardens or containers.


Celebrity - F1 determinate.   AAS Winner.  Old popular variety with good flavor.  Ripens midseason on vigorous determinate vines.


Glacier - Open Pollinated Determinate.  Tasty early cherry cocktail tomatoes.  Compact determinate plant.  Sweet and acid blend together for a great flavor.  Tolerant of cooler springs and well growing in the North.  May be more prone to split when watering is irregular.


Mountain Fresh Plus - F1 Determinate.  Tolerating cool and wet conditions, attractive and flavorful 8-16 oz slicers on vigorous plants.


Mountain Princess - Heirloom Determinate.  Quick producer, mild sweet flavor!  This variety hails from the mountains of West Virginia, where its been grown for generations.


Oregon Spring - Open Pollinated Determinate.  Very early yields of oval shaped tomatoes.  If you like to plant out early and test the cold temps, this is the one for you.


Polbig - F1 Determinate.  Great for cooler climates.  High yields of 1/2 lb globe shaped perfectly smooth fruits.  Looks and tastes like your classic beefsteak but ripens quicker, and has better disease resistance.

Tomato Seedlings (Container / Determinate)