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Granadero - F1 Indeterminate.  Very high yields of bright red 4-5 oz tomatoes with great flavor.  Fruits are very good for fresh tomato salsa, sauces, and chopped in salads.  Disease resistance will allow these plants to continue fruiting when other roma types would already be on their way out.    Said to have better resistance to blossom end rot, although it can still be a problem as with all roma/plum types.


Pale Perfect - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Hard to find, potato leaved rounded medium sized light purple.  This is not shaped quite like other Roma's but performs just as well when used in sauces and canning.


San Marzano - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Long blocky fruits that just keep on keeping on.   Small seed cavities are easy to scoop out which leaves thick layers of meat, great for stuffing, paste, or sauce making.  Super sweet.




Tomato Seedlings (Roma/Paste)