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Big Beef - F1 Indeterminate.  Our most sold tomato plant by far!  Top choice for fresh full flavor.  Listed as both a slicer and beefsteak, since they are in the middle (avg 8-12 oz).


Chocolate Stripes - Heirloom Indeterminate.  One of the best tasting tomatoes for several years in tomato festival tasting panels.  Large plants with plentiful yield of mahogany colored and dark green striping.  Great sandwich and salad tomato.


Cosmic Eclipse - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  Very unique fruit that starts off green and dark green stripes.  Ripens brick red with green stripes and lots of black streaks for a beautiful multi-color finish.  Very good production, early to mid season.


Costuluto Fiorentino - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Highly productive and early maturing Italian slicing and sauce tomato.  All around handy heirloom.  Beautiful sliced on sandwiches.


Estiva - F1 Indeterminate - Delicious slicer with excellent heat tolerance.  This one will keep flowering even in those dog days of summer.  Fully loaded trusses of deep red fruit.  This is one of our farm's heavy producers.


Martha Washington - F1 Interdeterminate.  Quality pink globe shaped slicer, heirloom flavor with better adaptability and vigor.  reliable planting.  

New Girl - F1 Indeterminate.  First early , great flavor.  An adaptation of the classic early girl, but with better flavor and more disease resistance.  62 days to maturity!


Pale Perfect Purple - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Medium sized sweet flavor.  Potato leaf for an interesting plant in the garden.


Paul Robeson - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  Famous tomato among seed collectors, amazing flavor that is sweet, distinctive, and even a bit smoky.  The only downside to this variety is that it will not win any production awards.  Plant amongst your staples for a rare treat.


Pruden's Purple - Heirloom Indeterminate - Early Brandywine type.  Can grow very large (over 1 lb) fruit.  Flattened and smooth, crack resistant and oh so flavorful dark pink to crimson color.  Also a potato leave plant.  


Red Rosso Sicilian - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Meg's favorite.  Intense red color and deeply ribbed fruit is great either fresh or for stuffing or sauce/paste.  Straight outta Sicily!


Rutgers - Heirloom Determinate from New Jersey.  An ol classic, like your grandpap used to grow!  Good for canning and excellent fresh off the vine.  Good yields, will need staked or caged.


Stupice - Heirloom Indeterminate - Native of Czechoslovakia, extremely early and tolerates cold well. Great flavor, high yields and sugary sweet flesh. Potato leaf


White Tomesol - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  All white fruit bursting with fragrance and natural flavor thats hard to beat!  Sweet and rich, 8 oz fruits.  Heavy yields on vigorous vines.


Tomato Seedlings (Slicers)