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Big Beef - F1 Indeterminate.  Our most sold tomato plant by far!  Top choice for fresh full flavor.  Listed as both a slicer and beefsteak, since they are in the middle (avg 8-12 oz).


Black Krim - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Dusky Purple with green shoulders holds up well in the garden and still has that great heirloom flavor.  Some say it will make the greatest tomato sandwich you'll ever have (we like to think paprika bacon is the secret!).  Tall prolific plants.


Cherokee Purple - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Our second most popular plant.  These are the staple 'purple' beefsteaks - dates back to the Cherokee Indians circa 1890 and still amazing today.   


Copia - Indeterminate Open Pollinated, beautiful orange/red and green/red striped patterns.  Sweet and juicy.  Cross between Green Stripe and Marvel Stripe.  


Dr. Wyches Yellow - Heirloom Indeterminate.  Heavy yields of 1+ lb orange amazing mild flavored fruits.    A standout on the vine and on the kitchen counter!


Great White - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  Creamy, white 1 lb fruit.  Wonderful flavor of tropical fruit.  Yields can be high if treated well.


Pork Chop - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  While a little slower going (days to maturity of 75-85 days) this yellow striped, slightly flattened fruited beefsteak has sweet tomato flavor and just a hint of citrusy acid.  


Striped German - Open Pollinated Indeterminate.  Bicolor red and yellow medium to large fruit.  Shaded shoulders of red and yellow make for a beautiful tomato.  Complex fruity flavor.  Medium tall vines.


Tomato Seedlings (Beefsteak)